Japan-Brazil Summit Telephone Conversation

May 30, 2012

On Wednesday, May 30, Mr. Yoshihiko Noda, the Prime Minister of Japan, held a telephone summit conversation with Ms. Dilma Vana Rousseff, President of Federative Republic of Brazil, on the latter’s initiative from 9:25 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. An overview of the conversation is as follows:

  1. President Rousseff asked Prime Minister Noda's participation in the Rio+20 (United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development) scheduled to be held in Rio de Janeiro from Wednesday, June 20 to Friday, June 22. Prime Minister Noda stated that as this is an important conference, the Government of Japan would like to contribute to the success of the conference, taking close coordination with Brazil, the host of the conference. On the other hand, Prime Minister Noda added, the Government of Japan was still discussing its participant and would like to determine it as early as possible, considering the comprehensive circumstances.

  2. Moreover, both leaders shared views on cooperation in the early realization of reform of the United Nations’ Security Council and response to global economy. In addition, Prime Minister Noda expressed his gratitude for Brazil’s support of the resolution on the situation of human rights in the DPRK (North Korea), and also showed Japan's strong concern on the human rights situations in the DPRK, including the abduction of Japanese nationals. Prime Minister Noda also stated that he would like to cooperate with Brazil to prevent further provocative action by the DPRK. In response, President Rousseff stated that she would like to continue close cooperation in these issues above stated by Prime Minister Noda.

(*The foregoing is a provisional translation. The date indicated above denotes the date of issue of the original press release in Japanese.)

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