Japan-UK Summit Talks

April 2, 2009

On Wednesday (April 1), Prime Minister Taro Aso, who is in London to attend the London Summit (Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy), held talks with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown for about 45 minutes from 4:30 p.m. (London time). The summary of their discussion is as follows:

1. London Summit

(1) As chairman of the meeting, Prime Minister Brown stated that the leaders of the G20 should send a positive message towards a recovery of the global economy and expressed his wish to work closely with Japan. Prime Minister Aso replied that it is important to send a unified message clearly stating that the G20 countries will join forces to implement economic stimulus packages and reforms in the regulation of the financial sector at the forthcoming summit. Prime Minister Aso declared that Japan was wasting no time in devising new economic measures.

(2) In response, Prime Minister Brown said it was important to take various measures to address the lack of funds available for emerging and developing economies, including those to strengthen the financial base of the IMF. He expressed his appreciation for Japan's leadership in this regard. Both leaders agreed to work closely towards a successful outcome of the London Summit.

2. North Korea

Both leaders agreed that the launch of a flying object by North Korea could not be tolerated as it would pose a threat to the peace and stability of the region and constitute a violation of the relevant United Nations Security Council Resolutions. The leaders also agreed that if North Korea launched a flying object, the issue should be discussed in the United Nations Security Council.

3. Afghanistan and Pakistan

Prime Minister Aso said the stability and reconstruction of Afghanistan and Pakistan were of utmost importance, and that Japan would continue to do all it can to support these two countries. Prime Minister Brown expressed his country's support for Japan's position on this issue.

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