Visit of Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to the Republic of Poland
(Summit Meeting: Summary)

August 2003

On 19 August, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi departed Germany and arrived in Poland and held talks with Mr. Leszek Miller, Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland on the same day for about an hour and fifteen minutes at the Belwedere Palace in Warsaw.

1. International Situation

(Issues on North Korea)

Prime Minister Koizumi noted that the nuclear issue concerning North Korea is a significant threat to the international community and not just to Japan alone. At the same time, he stated that Japan would also focus on the abduction issue and aim for a peaceful and diplomatic resolution at the Six Party Talks and that cooperation with Poland was of significance for Japan. Prime Minister Miller noted that he understood the significance of North Korean issues to Japan and expressed Poland's solidarity with Japan. He also noted that Poland has been a member of the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission since the Korean War and was seeking to cooperate with Japan by utilizing its experience in the dispatch of specialists.

(Issues on Iraq)

Prime Minister Miller noted that, (1) Poland has dispatched over 2,000 soldiers to resolve issues in Iraq and has taken on great responsibility, (2) he evaluated highly Japan for adopting the Iraqi Humanitarian and Reconstruction Assistance Special Measures Law, and (3) in the case that Japan decided to dispatch its personnel under the Law, it would be significant if cooperation in the areas under the responsibility of Polish force could take place.

Prime Minister Koizumi stated that, (1) Japan is ready to provide all possible cooperation for reconstruction assistance to Iraq, (2) if there are matters in which Japan may assist, Japan will consider the content of cooperation based on the Law after a thorough field investigation. As for matters in which Japan could cooperate with Poland, Japan would like to consider the possibility of working together while taking into account the circumstances in each country.

(United Nations Reform)

Prime Minister Miller expressed his support for Japan becoming a permanent member of the United Nations (UN) Security Council as well as highly evaluating the activities of Japan in the UN. He stated that he was seeking to strengthen cooperation with Japan in the forum of the UN. Prime Minister Koizumi noted his desire for Japan to cooperate with Poland in all international community fora, including that of the UN.

2. Bilateral Relations

(Enlargement of the European Union and Japan-Poland Relations)

Prime Minister Koizumi stated that, (1) cooperation between Japan and Poland, while respecting the circumstances of each other, should be strengthened after Poland's accession into the European Union (EU) and he was delighted that the Joint Statement towards Strategic Partnership between Japan and the Republic of Poland was signed, and also noted that it would form the basis for such action, and (2) the Joint Statement is a very important document and bilateral relations should be developed accordingly based on it. In response, Prime Minister Miller noted the volume of trade between Japan and Poland is still low and there is a scope for enlargement in the future. He also noted his desire to improve Poland's trade imbalance due to its low level of exports to Japan. Furthermore, Prime Minister Koizumi requested improvement in the investment environment for Japan to increase its foreign direct investment in Poland.

Prime Minister Miller also gave suggestions for, (1) ministerial talks on economic relations between Japan and Poland and (2) strengthening consultation and cooperation between Japan and the four Visegrad countries (Republic of Poland, Republic of Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia Republic). Prime Minister Koizumi noted the significance of cooperating with the four Visegrad countries including between Japan and Poland, and that he would like to further consider the ministerial talks on economic relations between Japan and Poland.

(Invitation to Prime Minister Miller to visit Japan)

Prime Minister Miller expressed his gratitude when Prime Minister Koizumi invited him to visit Japan and the actual dates for the visit will be determined through diplomatic channels.

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