Foreign Minister Kawaguchi Telephone Talks with German Foreign Minister Fischer

November 2003

The following is an overview of telephone talks that Minister for Foreign Affairs Yoriko Kawaguchi held with Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs and Vice-Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Joschka Fischer on November 7.

1. Iraq

(1) Foreign Minister Kawaguchi welcomed Germany's announcement of a contribution of 200 million euros for the reconstruction of Iraq and stated that the international community should address the issue of terrorist acts in unity and that, in order to accelerate the political process, it is important for the international community to cooperate and collaborate in both the maintenance of public order and reconstruction assistance. She praised Germany's cooperation in the field of water-supply assistance and others, she stated that it is important that such assistance be implemented in a more visible manner.

(2) In response, Foreign Minister Fischer expressed concern about the worsening of the security situation in Iraq and said that Germany believes it is necessary to show the future political process more clearly. He said that Germany would contribute as much as possible in terms of humanitarian support and reconstruction assistance but that it was necessary to allocate limited resources in a constructive manner.

(3) Minister Kawaguchi replied that it was important for the international community to show unity and that Japan and Germany have a common responsibility regarding the situation in Iraq. She said that we are on the same boat and that Japan will continue to cooperate. Foreign Minister Fischer agreed with this.

2. Afghanistan

(1) Minister Kawaguchi praised Germany's contribution, including the dispatch of reconstruction team to Kunduz and police support, and said that it was important for the political process to be steadily implemented in Afghanistan, such as the enactment of a constitution and holding of a general election. She said that Japan hope to continuously cooperate with Gernamy.

(2) Minister Fischer said it was important for the political and reconstruction processes to advance toward a general election. He praised Japan's contribution in Afghanistan and said that Japan and Germany should mutually cooperate in various respects.

3. Iran

Minister Kawaguchi welcomed the results of the recent visit to Iran by the foreign ministers of Germany, France and UK and said that Japan also strongly hopes for the definite implementation of the agreement by the Iranian government. The two sides agreed to continue coordination on this issue.

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