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Fact sheet

December 9, 2004

Japanese-German Youth / Sports Exchange


1. Major events

(1) Japan-Germany sports exchange of young people
The exchange has been implemented by German Sports Jugend and the Japan Athletic Association. More than 8,000 young people have participated since 1974.

(2) Japan-Germany exchange of youth hostels
Both Japanese and German young people stay in the other country for two months to study the culture through the training courses of several weeks at youth hostels. This project also provides language courses.

(3) German-Japan sister cities
Exchange project, for students and young people between sister cities (i.e. Hanover /Hiroshima).

(4) Student exchange
The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD: Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) is implementing a variety of events. "Learning Japanese language and on-the-job training" is particularly popular among them. The number of Japanese who had received the scholarship by DAAD for training/studying in Germany in 2003 was 298, and the number of German students and trainees in Japan under this scholarship was 375.

(5) The Carl-Duisberg Association has been implemented many exchange programs in the area of vocational training. 38 young Japanese craftsmen joined this program to study in Germany for a relatively long term. If combined with the continuous training courses upon the requests, it is possible to gain the qualification up to meisters.

(6) Internship programs
The Japan-Germany Association has been implementing internship and home-stay programs for students. It is expected that Germans will visit Japan to join this program for the first time in the year of Germany in Japan 2005/2006. Kopra, an organization for internship registration, is providing mediation services for young Japanese and German people.

(7) Working Holiday
Working Holiday is the scheme under which people can enjoy staying in the other country while being engaged in part-time work up to one year maximum in that country.

(8) Exchange at high-school students
Several organizations such as the YFU (Youth for Understanding) Japan Foundation Incorporated and the AFS Japan Association Incorporated has been providing opportunities for students to stay with host families in the other country for a year. The headquarters of the German Educational Exchange Services invites Japanese high-school students to Germany for several weeks every year. These exchange programs are implemented among 32 sister schools.

2. Germany in Japan 2005/2006

In the Germany in Japan 2005/2006, many additional projects for young people in the area of science and culture will be implemented. For example, "Open College", a series of lectures at universities in Japan, and exhibitions with emphasis on various themes of science (an exhibition of Einstein, a science tunnel exhibition, etc.). Essay contests with titles such as "Japan, My View" are scheduled (see attached list).

Youth and Sports Exchange
List of the Events for "Germany in Japan 2005/2006"

Date Events Content Venue Sponsor
1.Oct.2004 - 30.Sep.2005 Japan, My View Essay contests for German college students Goethe-Institut State Linguistic Institute of NRW, DAAD
2004.10.1 e-Journal for highschool students in Japan Internet Japan Goethe-Institut
2004.12.16 Kirin Challenge Cup 2004 Germany-Japan FootballSuccor Nationalstadium in Yokohama German football Association, Japan football Association
2. and 3.5.2005 Pop Electronic Festival Concert Shibuya O Goethe-Institut Tokyo
8.-14.5.2005 German-Japanese Ultramarathon 2005 Sports events Tokaido BÄR-Manufacture for comfort shoes
Summer 2005 Babaria-Pupilscorrespondent Project for Japanese highschool students Germany Bayer AG
2005.7.1 Comic-Project Germany and Japan Publication, Webseite, Exhibition Hillside Forum (Tokyo) Moga mobo (Berlin), Know know how, Goethe-Institut Tokyo, Hillside Terrace
Jul.2005 - Jun.2006 Exchange program in the field of the medical treatment Promotion of the study in foreign countries for medical students   Bosch Automotive System Corp.
2005.8.1 Exchange program for pupils Exchange program for G and J pupils Cities in Germany and Japan Degussa Japan
Aug.-Sep.2005 Exchange program of internship Exchange program for interns in G and J Cities in Japan Association of G-J and J-G Societies
19.-27.Sep.2005 Big-Band Ostsee-Highschool Timmendorfer Strand Concert Tokyo Goethe-Institut Tokyo
Autumn 2005 (tentative) German-Japanese Working Youth Symposium, Workshop Tokyo Japanese-German Centre Berlin
2005.12.1 "Exhibition of Animation in Germany" Exhibition Kyoto-Seika-University, Goethe-Institut Kyoto Goethe-Institut Kyoto
Oct.2005-Sep.2007 Establishment of a fund to finance studies in foreign countries at the graduate level. - For education of Japanese opinion-leaders and for promotion of the cooperation between Germany and Japan Fellowship for study in foreign countries in the field of natural science and business at the graduate level Germany Bosch Automotive System Corp.
Early spring 2006 Social Activities of Youth in Germany and Japan Conference and Workshop Tokyo Japanese-German Centre Berlin

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