(Provisional Translation)

Fact sheet

December 9, 2004

Japanese-German Cooperation and Coordination
in the Assistance for Reconstruction of Iraq


1. Police

Germany has been providing training for Iraqi police officers in the United Arab Emirates since March 2004. In coordination with the efforts, Japan had decided to provide Iraq with equipments for criminal identification and other equipments. Japan and Germany will further strengthen the cooperation through the participation of Iraqi police officers in Al-Muthanna, where Japan's Self-Defense Forces are dispatched, in the training courses provided by Germany.

2. Preservation of Cultural Remains

(1) Germany has been conducting archeological excavation and study at Uruk remains near Samawah since 1912, while Japan was engaged in cooperation in preserving the remains through repairing from July to November 2004 the fences surrounding the remains by the Self-Defense Forces dispatched to Samawah. Vehicles for security guards to protect the Uruk site will be provided to the Ministry of Culture of Iraq by financial assistance of Japan through the UNESCO project under the framework of the International Reconstruction Fund for Iraq.

(2) Germany has also provided financial assistance in the UNESCO project mentioned above.

(3) Germany and France will send experts to training courses in a third country for the preservation of cultural remains, which will be conducted in Amman, Jordan, by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), in February and March 2005 (UNESCO will also cooperate for the courses).

(4) Japan will provide the Iraqi National Museum with laboratory assistance for a cultural property restoration through the Japan Trust Fund in UNESCO, while Germany will provide equipments.

Laboratory assistance
This assistance, worth 1 million US dollars, includes providing equipments for restoration laboratory, training in Japan on how to use the provided equipments to the laboratory staff, and improvement of the laboratory to restore its functions. It is currently in the process of procurement of equipments to be provided.

3. Experts Training Programs (in other areas)

Japan and Germany are exploring the possibility of mutual cooperation in the third-country training courses in such areas as electric power engineering, which either Japan or Germany will provide for Iraqi experts in such countries as Jordan, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

4. Training for Iraqi Diplomats

During the training course given by Germany for Iraqi diplomats and government officials in March/April and November/December 2004, the Japanese Embassy in Germany provided a program on Japanese foreign policies as a part of the training courses. Also, during the training course conducted by Japan in September/October 2004, the German Embassy in Japan provided a program on German foreign policies as a part of the training courses.

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