Declaration for a new Japan-France partnership
For Peace, Stability and Prosperity in the International Community

As a result of the Japan-France Summit Meeting held on March 27, 2005, the governments of Japan and the French Republic decided to enhance cooperation to strengthen bilateral relations and work together towards the peace and stability, as well as development and prosperity of the international community.

1. Strengthening framework for Japan-France relations

(1) Development of high-level dialogue
Regular summit meetings. Development and strengthening of high-level strategic dialogue.
(2) Creation of a framework conductive to the development of exchanges
Encouragement of initiatives of private-sector and youth exchanges.
(3) Development of a Japan-France partnership serving sustainable development
Enhancement of cooperation for sustainable development and scientific cooperation. Cooperation in efforts to tackle environmental issues.

2. Cooperation for peace and stability in the international community

(1) Working together in a renovated multilateral system
Cooperation in reform of the United Nations Security Council. Support of France for Japan aspiration to permanent membership of the United Nations Security Council.
(2) Copying with threats to the international community
Cooperation in dealing with international terrorism and issues of non-proliferation.
(3) Commitment to regional stability
Strengthening of dialogue on the security situation in East Asia. Cooperation in issues including North Korea and the Middle East peace process.

3. Cooperation on development and prosperity of the international community

(1) Promotion of development and poverty reduction
Consultations and exchanges of views to take place on development issues such as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
(2) Acting together for Africa
Active assistance for the efforts of African countries.
(3) Managing globalisation
Efforts to achieve a swift and conclusive outcome for Doha round of WTO negotiations.

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