Signing of the Japan-France Social Security Agreement

February 25, 2005

  1. The Agreement between the Government of Japan and the French Republic on Social Security (Japan-France Social Security Agreement) was signed on Friday, February 25 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France in Paris, between Japanese Ambassador to France Hiroshi Hirabayashi and Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jean-Pierre Lafon of France.
  2. It has been a pending issue between Japan and France that employees who are temporarily dispatched to France by Japanese corporations and others are forced to join the pension system of both countries, thus imposing economic burden on the corporations and employees.
    The Japan- France Social Security Agreement, intended to solve this and other relevant issues, adjusts the application of the social security systems of Japan and France, and stipulates that those temporarily dispatched employees for a period of five years or less shall in principle enroll only in the pension system of the country from which the employee is dispatched.
  3. It is expected that the conclusion of this Agreement will reduce the burden imposed on the corporations and employees as well as further promote personnel and economic exchanges between Japan and France.

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