Japan-Mongolia Summit

June 9, 2000
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On June 7, for approximately 20 minutes beginning at 18:30, Prime Minister Mori spoke with Prime Minister Amarjargal of Mongolia, who was visiting Japan for the funeral of former Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi (venue: Prime Minister's Official Residence). The following is a summary of their conversation. (Also attending on the Mongolian side was Ambassador to Japan Khurelbaatar; on the Japanese side Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsutani, Director Anami of the Cabinet Counsellors' Office on External Affairs, Director General Makita of the Asian Affairs Bureau, and others.)

1. Expression of condolences

(1) Prime Minister Mori expressed his thanks to Prime Minister Amarjargal for visiting Japan for the funeral.

(2) Prime Minister Amarjargal said that the sudden passing of Prime Minister Obuchi was a great loss not only for Japan but also for Mongolia.

2. Japan-Mongolia relations

(1) Prime Minister Amarjargal expressed deep gratitude for Japan's assistance from the outset for Mongolia's reforms and liberalization, saying that Mongolia's progress in democratization and the shift to a market economy was owing to Japan, that Japan occupied an important place in Mongolia's external policies, and that it would maintain its existing policy toward Japan.

(2) Prime Minister Mori expressed sympathy for the suffering in Mongolia as a result of the worst snow damage in more than 30 years, stating that Japan is prepared to give further assistance as requested, including through the sending of a survey team. Referring to high-level exchanges of visits in recent years, he expressed his wish to foster a comprehensive partnership between the two nations.

(3) Prime Minister Amarjargal responded by saying that Mongolia was very proud that interchange not only at the government level but also at the private level was becoming very extensive, and that as part of the strengthening of cooperation in the international arena, Mongolia consistently supports Japan's position on the reform of the UN Security Council.

(4) Prime Minister Mori stated that studies for the visit to Mongolia by Prince and Princess Akishino were proceeding and requested assistance in making the visit a success.

3. Other matters

(1) Dialogue mechanism in Northeast Asia

Prime Minister Amarjargal stated that the time has arrived for seeking a regional mechanism for dialogue so as to enhance the stability of Northeast Asia and that Mongolia intends to participate actively in such efforts. Prime Minister Mori responded by stating the importance of promoting the peace and stability of the Asia-Pacific region in the approach to the next century, saying that he hoped for a peaceful resolution to the security and problems of the Korean Peninsula, and concurring with the view that the time has come for seeking ways of assuring the peace and stability of Asia as a whole.

(2) The Kyushu-Okinawa Summit

Prime Minister Mori thanked Prime Minister Amarjargal for his wishes for the great success of the summit.

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