Disclosure of the Report by the Japan-ROK Joint History Research Committee

June 1, 2005

The report on the results of the Japan-ROK Joint History Research was disclosed today upon the conclusion on May 31, 2005 of the joint research that has been conducted over a three-year period since May 2002. The report will be made available on the homepage of the Japan-Korea Cultural Foundation, the Secretariat of the Joint History Research Committee.

The Japan-ROK Joint History Research was launched based on the understanding regarding history textbook issues shared by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and then President Kim Dae Jung of the Republic of Korea (ROK) at the Japan-ROK Summit Meeting held in October 2001. The two leaders confirmed the importance of promoting mutual understanding concerning accurate facts and recognition of history. And, to this end, agreed to establish a forum for experts to discuss the issue. The experts of Japan and the ROK have conducted joint research through a number of period-specific working groups: ancient history, medieval and modern history, and modern and contemporary history.

Within each working group, members from Japan and the ROK have submitted papers, which are currently being translated. The papers to be disclosed today therefore are currently only available in their original language. (The papers in Japanese will be available on the website of the Japan-Korea Cultural Foundation and those in Korean on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MOFAT).) Translation of the papers is scheduled to be completed by June 10, after which the translated versions will be uploaded on the above-mentioned websites. In the meantime, the Joint Support Committee of both countries will advance the necessary preparations for the publication of this report.

The Joint Support Committee, comprised of both public-sector and private-sector personnel to assist the joint research, considers that this joint research will contribute to promoting mutual understanding of accurate facts and recognition on the history of Japan-ROK relations. The Joint Support Committee thinks that, although differences in the position of Japanese and ROK researchers undoubtedly existed due to differences in their research environments, it was meaningful that the researchers were able to deepen understanding of their counterparts' way of thinking through academic research and discussions, marking the first step towards the creation of an academic community between the researchers.

Based on the valuable results from the joint research, the governments of Japan and the ROK have started considering the launch of a second joint research. The Joint Support Committee expects that this new framework will serve a significant role in further deepening mutual understanding between Japan and the ROK on their history.

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