Japan-R.O.K. / R.O.K.-Japan Information Technology (IT) Cooperation Initiative
(Unofficial Translation)

23 September 2000


  Both governments, welcoming the progress of the Japan-R.O.K. / R.O.K.-Japan cooperation in the IT-related field, which was proposed in the Joint Communique and the "Action Plan" of October 1998, reconfirm the importance of bilateral cooperation in the field of IT and agree to promote further the cooperative relationship between the two countries on the following issues.

Cooperation in the E-Commerce Field

  Both Governments will promote the cooperation in the e-commerce, inter alia, following points:

  • To start an e-commerce policy dialogu
  • To support the Japan-R.O.K. E-Commerce Developing Conference to discuss the development of the project for the cooperation and promotion of e-commerce in specific sectors
  • To support the interconnection between both countries' EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system for trade to develop paperless trade
  • To promote international interconnecting experiments of e-commerce (INGECEP: Integrated Next Generation Electronic Commerce Environment Project)
  • To cooperate in the preparation of conditions for the establishment of a safe and credible e-commerce infrastructure

Industrial Cooperation for Taking Initiatives in Asia

  Both governments welcome and support the commencement of the cooperation between industries of both countries to take initiative in realizing borderless e-commerce.

Cooperation in the Research and Development of the Information Technology

  Both governments will promote the cooperation in the field of the research and development of the next-generation information technology, e.g. the development of the technology to actualize the next-generation hyperspeed internet, such as photonic network technology, as well as high-speed satellite telecommunication experiment and related software.

Cooperation to Strengthen the IT Human Resource Interaction

  Both governments promote the human resource interaction in the IT field through training for IT engineers in both countries, as well as cooperation in the IT engineer qualifying test.

Cooperation to Develop Research Exchange

  Both governments will strengthen the exchange of the research in the field of the IT through the exchange of researchers at the level of policy making and engineering.

Cooperation on the Local Level

  To develop the IT network connecting local areas in both countries, both governments will support interaction and cooperation activities in the field of IT through the activities of the Kyushu(Japan)-Korea Economic Interaction Council, the Hokuriku(Japan)- Korea Economic Interaction Council, and the IT Corridor Plan between Fukuoka and Busan.

Cooperation in the World Cup Soccer Games 2002

  For the success of the World Cup Soccer Games to be co-organized by Japan and the R.O.K. in 2002, both governments will cooperate to develop the system to supply various multimedia information (games, geography, traffic, tourism, regional information, etc.) in plural languages through various media, such as cable and radio internet and ITS (Intelligent Transport System) in the host cities.

Cooperation in the Multilateral Fora

  In the framework of the ASEM, both governments will promote the cooperation in the field of IT, such as the Trans-Eurasia Information Network Project and the Initiative to Address the Digital Divide. In the Asia-Pacific region, both governments will further deepen cooperation in the issues which were already agreed in APEC and the APT (Asia Pacific Telecommunity) framework. Moreover, both governments will cooperate with each other and positively participate in the e-commerce related activities of the WTO and the ITU.


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