Japan-China-ROK Trilateral Summit
Joint Press Release of the Third Trilateral Summit Meeting
among the Republic of Korea, Japan and the People's Republic of China

May 30, 2010

  1. We concurred that, as the third meeting of its kind following the December 2008 Fukuoka Summit and the October 2009 Beijing Summit, the Jeju Summit has strengthened momentum for holding the Trilateral Summit Meeting on a regular basis.
  2. We engaged in an in-depth and constructive exchange of views on ways to enhance trilateral cooperation, as well as on regional and global issues, such as the current situation in Northeast Asia and the G20 Summit Meeting.
  3. We shared the view that this year's Trilateral Summit Meeting is all the more meaningful since it comes as we embark on a new decade of trilateral cooperation. We further recognized that the continued development of trilateral cooperation is important not only for the prosperity of the three countries, but also for peace, stability and common prosperity of the region and the world.
  4. Based on this recognition, we adopted the "Trilateral Cooperation Vision 2020," which sets out a blueprint and vision for the future direction of trilateral cooperation and builds upon the progress achieved over the past decade. Furthermore, we decided to establish the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat in the Republic of Korea in 2011, with a view to making trilateral cooperation more effective and systematic.
    • We also adopted the "Joint Statement on Standards Cooperation" to eliminate technical barriers and promote cooperation in setting standards, and "Joint Statement on Strengthening Science and Innovation Cooperation" to reinforce cooperation in science and innovation.
    • We welcomed the launch of the Joint Study for a trilateral FTA in May this year, which includes representatives of government, business, and academia from the three countries, and decided to work closely together to ensure that the Joint Study continues to proceed smoothly aiming at completing the work by 2012, with the aim of strengthening trilateral cooperation and facilitating regional economic integration. We also shared the view to make utmost efforts to reach a substantive agreement of the Trilateral Investment Agreement in a few months time for the earliest conclusion of the Agreement.
  5. We exchanged views on the sinking on the ROK navy ship "Cheonan" on March 26. We expressed condolences to the loss of lives caused by this incident. The leaders of Japan and China attached importance to the joint investigation conducted by the ROK and other countries, and took note of the reactions of various parties. We will keep in contact and properly address the matter so as to maintain peace stability in the region.
  6. We share the view that denuclearized Korean Peninsula would greatly contribute to enduring peace, security and economic prosperity in Northeast Asia. In this regard, we will continue to make concerted efforts to realize the goals outlined in the September 19 2005 Joint Statement through the process of the Six-Party Talks.
  7. We decided to cooperate closely to ensure the success of the G20 Summit in Seoul and the APEC Summit in Yokohama in November, in order to support the strong, sustainable and balanced growth of the global economy.
  8. We, the leaders of the three countries, hopeful that today's meeting served as a cornerstone for the substantial development of a new decade of trilateral cooperation, decided to meet again at the Fourth Trilateral Summit Meeting in Japan next year.

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