Joint Press Release of the Fourth Trilateral Foreign Ministers' Meeting among the Republic of Korea, Japan, and the People's Republic of China

May 15-16, 2010

  1. The Foreign Ministers of the Republic of Korea, Japan, and the People's Republic of China convened in Gyeongju, Republic of Korea, for the Fourth Trilateral Foreign Ministers' Meeting held from May 15 to 16, 2010.
  2. At the Trilateral Foreign Ministers' Meeting, we engaged in an in-depth discussion on i) the progress and future direction of the trilateral cooperation, ii) the preparation for the Third Trilateral Summit Meeting scheduled at the end of May in Jeju Island, Republic of Korea, and iii) regional as well as global issues.
  3. We expressed our satisfaction about the progress achieved through the trilateral cooperation and shared the will to further strengthen the trilateral cooperation with the common understanding that the trilateral cooperation contributes not only to the common development of the three countries but also to the regional as well as international peace, prosperity and stability.

    - Furthermore, we noted with satisfaction that more than 50 trilateral consultative mechanisms, including 17 Ministerial Meetings are in full operation and over 100 trilateral cooperation projects in the political, economic and social fields, people-to-people exchanges, and disaster management are actively promoted. We also decided to explore new cooperation projects in the new fields.
  4. With regard to the preparations for the Third Trilateral Summit Meeting to be hosted by the Republic of Korea in Jeju Island from May 29 to 30, 2010, we discussed matters related to the joint documents and new cooperation projects, which will be adopted at the Meeting, and side events, etc.

    - Stressing the three leaders' common recognition on the need to establish a Secretariat for trilateral cooperation at last year's Second Trilateral Summit Meeting in Beijing, we discussed the establishment of the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat in the Republic of Korea.

    - Furthermore, as the trilateral cooperation among the Republic of Korea, Japan and the People's Republic of China, which was initiated on the occasion of the 1999 ASEAN+3, marked its 10th anniversary last year, and as we enter the next decade on the basis of past trilateral cooperation achievements, we discussed the vision for the trilateral cooperation and its future direction.
  5. With regard to regional and global issues, we exchanged views on the current situation in Northeast Asia, East Asia cooperation, the G20, post-economic crisis, and climate change, etc.

    - We decided to closely cooperate for the success of the G20 Summit in Seoul and the APEC Summit in Yokohama, both of which will be held in November.

    - We valued the international community's recent efforts to strengthen the nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation regimes, and decided to mutually cooperate for the successful holding of the Nuclear Security Summit, which will be held in the Republic of Korea, in 2012.

    - We expressed our condolences for the loss of many lives due to the sinking of the ROK navy ship "Cheonan" on March 26, and exchanged views on the incident.
  6. We decided to hold the Fifth Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Japan next year.

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