Welcoming Remarks by Mr. Kiyohiro Araki,
Senior State Secretary for Foreign Affairs

October 2000

Your Excellency, Mr. Rizal Ramli, Coordinating Minister for Economy, Finance and Industry,
Honorable Ministers of Indonesia,
Mr. Chairman,
Representatives of donor countries and international organizations,
Ladies and gentlemen,

  It is my great pleasure that the Consultative Group Meeting for Indonesia is held here in Tokyo with the participation of representatives from Indonesia and its partner countries and international organizations. On behalf of the Government of Japan, I would like to express my cordial welcome to all of you here today and say a few words at the opening of this meeting.

  It has almost been one year since the administration of His Excellency Abdurrahman Wahid was formed through a democratic process last October. For the year, the administration has vigorously dealt with challenges such as economic structural reforms and internal security issues.

  In the area of economy, the administration is steadily implementing the economic program it agreed with the IMF, and Indonesia's economic outlook has improved. Thus, the various efforts by the administration are producing some outcomes. I hope that Indonesia, while facing various challenges, will make further progress in these reforms.

  Following the meeting held this February in Jakarta, this meeting is the second Consultative Group Meeting since the inauguration of the Wahid administration. From the onset of the economic crisis in 1997 up to the previous meeting, the main issue was the assistance to overcome the crisis, that is, assistance to short-term financial gap filling. At this meeting, however, it must be important to discuss substantially how to assist Indonesia from the mid- and long-term perspective, in addition to the action for the short-term challenges as taken in the past, in order for Indonesia to tackle the development issues such as poverty reduction and good governance, as well as to achieve sustainable economic growth. I hope that there will be active discussion among the participants and concrete results will be obtained.

  Last but not least, in closing my remarks, I would like to express my sincere hope that the partnership between Indonesia and donor countries and international organizations will be further strengthened through this meeting.

  I thank you very much.

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