Japan-India Summit Meeting (Summary)

November 29, 2004

Prime Minister Koizumi of Japan met with Prime Minister Singh of India on November 29th in Vientiane during their visit to Laos to attend the summit with ASEAN leaders. This was the first bilateral meeting between the two Prime Ministers, who had last met at the G4 meeting on UN reform in New York this September. The summit centred on strengthening their bilateral relations and proved to be beneficial and productive for both Prime Ministers.

1. Japan-India Global Partnership

Recalling the "Japan-India Global Partnership" of August 2000, both Prime Ministers were of the shared view that as major states of Asia and the international community, Japan and India should cooperate in their responsibility and endeavour for peace, stability and prosperity in the region and the world. There was also meeting of minds among the Prime Ministers that the recent developments in regional cooperation, particularly those in Asia, were conducive to promoting the stability and economic development in the region. The Prime Ministers reaffirmed their intention to support and invigorate the current dynamism in Asia based on the foundations of the Japan-India Global Partnership. In this connection, the Prime Ministers were of one mind that it was imperative in finding a means to cope with the "arc of instability" as well as cooperating with a view to realize an "arc of advantage" which was referred to by Prime Minister Singh.

2. Bilateral affairs

(1) Economic relations

The two Prime Ministers underlined the great untapped potential in their economic relationship and the importance to develop the relationship to meet its potential. With this in mind, and upon the basis of the agreement between their foreign ministers this summer, the two Prime Ministers agreed to establish a "Japan-India Joint Study Group for a Comprehensive Study (JSG-CS)" as a framework for comprehensive review to strengthen their economic relationship. It was also agreed that both sides would accelerate the preparation toward the first meeting of the JSG-CS.

(2) Economic cooperation

Mindful that India is now the largest partner for Japan's yen loan, both Prime Ministers were of the common understanding that Japan's economic cooperation to India, especially through the development of India's infrastructure, has been and will be beneficial for the social economic development of India, which would also add to Japan-India economic relations. In this context, Prime Minister Koizumi expressed his view that Japan will continue to attach importance to and strengthen Japan's economic assistance towards India.

3. Cooperation in Global issues

(1) UN reform

Both Prime Ministers noted their close cooperation with satisfaction among the G4, including Japan and India, on the issue of United Nations reform, inter alia, that of the Security Council. As candidates for permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, the Prime Ministers reaffirmed their will to continue their cooperation to forge an international consensus for Security Council reform through expanding both the permanent and non-permanent categories of the Council and to achieve results in the High-Level Plenary Meeting on the Millennium Declaration in September 2005.

(2) Disarmament & Non-Proliferation

Both Prime Ministers confirmed their intentions to cooperate for the prevention of the proliferation of WMD etc., which poses an imminent challenge for the international community as well as for the ultimate elimination of nuclear weapons.

4. Future High-level visits

Prime Minister Singh extended to Prime Minister Koizumi an invitation to visit India, to which Prime Minister Koizumi expressed his gratitude and his desire to realise the visit. It was agreed that the actual timing should be consulted through diplomatic channel.

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