Major projects of Japan's Initiative for the Mekong Region Development
(Dec. 2004 - Present)

December 13, 2005

1. Vietnam

(1) Cai Mep-Thi Vai International Port Construction Project (loan aid)
(2) Phan Ri-Phan Thiet Irrigation Project (loan aid)
(3) Small-Scale Pro Poor Infrastructure Development Project (II) (loan aid)
(4) Regional and Provisional Hospital Development Project (loan aid)

2. Cambodia

(1) Greater Mekong Telecommunications Backbone Network Project (loan aid)
(2) Project of the Improvement of the National Road No.1 in Cambodia (grant aid)
(3) Sihanoukville Port SEZ Development Project (E/S) (loan aid)

3. Laos

(1) Greater Mekong Power Network Development Project (loan aid)
(2) Project for the improvement of the Vientiane No. 1 Road (grant aid)
(3) The Project for the Vientiane Water Supply Development (grant aid)
(4) The Project for the Improvement of District Hospitals (grant aid)

4. Myanmar

(1) Project for Afforestation in Central Dry Zone (Phase III) (grant aid)
(2) Project for Improvement of Maternal and Child Health Care Services (Phase VI) (grant aid)

5. Region Wide technical cooperation with Thailand

(1) Animal Disease Control in Thailand and neighboring countries
(2) HIV/AIDS Regional Coordination Center Project

6. Region Wide cooperation to promote trade and investment

(1) "Mekong Month" (Feb 2006)
(2) Mekong Exhibition in Tokyo
(3) Forum for SME development in Mekong Region
(4) Investment Seminar in the Mekong Area

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