November 30, 2004


Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia Samdech Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Lao People's Democratic Republic Bounnhang Vorachith and Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam Phan Van Khai met Prime Minister of Japan Junichiro Koizumi in Vientiane, Lao People's Democratic Republic on November 30, 2004. Cherishing the good diplomatic relations between the CLV and Japan and recognizing the significance of the Vientiane Declaration on the Establishment of the Cambodia - Laos - Viet Nam Development Triangle, all the leaders exchanged their views on the promotion of development of the CLV and the international issues of common interest.

2. Promotion of development in the CLV

(1) Development of the CLV

(i) Prime Minister of Japan reiterated his determination to promote Japan's initiative for the Mekong Region Development, whose expected target reaches US$ 1.5 billion support over three years and expressed his resolution to cooperate with the CLV within the framework of Japan's initiative for the Mekong Region Development.
(ii) All the leaders shared the recognition that it is important to improve the infrastructure, such as transport, electricity and ICT in the CLV, as priority issues of the regional development. In this context, while expecting Cambodia's efforts for telecommunication sector reform and Lao PDR's efforts for fiscal reform, the Prime Minister of Japan expressed his intention to provide loan aid to the Greater Mekong Telecommunications Backbone Network Project in Cambodia, the Greater Mekong Power Network Development Project in Lao PDR, and the Cai Mep - Thi Vai International Port Construction Project in Vietnam. All the leaders recognized the importance of the East-West Corridor and shared their views to work towards realization of the East-West Economic Corridor for the development of the CLV.
(iii) At the Summit, the CLV Prime Ministers reiterated the initiatives and decisions taken at the Meetings of the Three Prime Ministers of the CLV to establish the CLV Development Triangle with a view to accelerating economic growth, poverty reduction, social and cultural progress in the area of the Triangle on the basis of making full use of their respective countries' potentials and complementary advantages.The CLV Prime Ministers were pleased to inform the Prime Minister of Japan that the Vientiane Declaration on the Establishment of the Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam Development Triangle and the Master Plan were adopted at the CLV Summit on 28 November 2004 in Vientiane, Laos. The CLV Prime Ministers affirmed the establishment of the Development Triangle not only promotes multi-faceted relations, mutual understanding and trust among the CLV to a new height but also contributes to peace, stability, cooperation, and friendship and development in the Mekong region and the region as a whole.
The CLV Prime Ministers highly appreciated the important role and contribution of Japan to the development of the Mekong region and expressed their expectation that Japan would further support the CLV on their development and assist the realization of some priority projects identified in the Development Triangle.Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi appreciated the explanation concerning the Master Plan on the Development Triangle and stated that Japan would consider supporting the implementation of the Master Plan using such Japanese schemes as "grant assistance for grass-roots human security", which is a small scale grant aid for meeting rural and community needs. Prime Ministers of the CLV and Japan shared the views to have a working level meeting between the CLV and Japan to discuss follow-up measures including the possibility of holding a future meeting with participation of other donors.

(2) Facilitation of trade and investment

All the leaders recognized that the promotion of trade and foreign direct investment is essential to achieve the high economic growth. For this purpose, the CLV leaders expressed their intention to make utmost efforts to improve trade and investment environment such as simplification of cross-border procedures among the CLV. Prime Minister of Japan welcomed this intention of the CLV and expressed support for such effort. Prime Minister of Japan also expressed his intention to encourage Japanese company reinvestment from other countries to the CLV, and to continue technical assistance in customs area.Prime Minister of Japan welcomed Cambodia's formal entry into the WTO this year and expressed strong support for the efforts of Viet Nam and Laos to join the WTO at an early date.

(3) Environment, and water resources problems in the development

All the leaders recognized the importance to take due account of the environment conservation of the Mekong Region for the sustainable growth and appreciated the Mekong River Commission, as one of international organizations in the region that deals with water resources of the Mekong River. All the leaders affirmed that flood damage is increasing in the entire Mekong Region in these years and that alleviation of flood damage is an urgent issue. In this regard, the Prime Minister of Japan expressed his willingness to collaborate with and support the CLV in this field.

(4) Promotion of human resource development

All the leaders shared the views that human resource development is fundamental for nation - building and thus an indispensable condition for the development of this region and recognized the importance of steady follow-up of the Japan-ASEAN Plan of Action released last December.

(5) Agriculture and rural development

Recognizing that the rate of poverty population among rural areas is higher than urban areas in the CLV, all the Leaders shared the views that agriculture, irrigation system and rural development for poverty reduction are important in the development and that they continue to collaborate in this domain. Prime Minister of Japan expressed his support through "one village one product" activity such as establishment of special product and holding the exhibition.

3. International issues

(1) Reform of the United Nations

All the leaders reaffirmed their determination to cooperate actively within the framework of the United Nations (UN). Recognizing the important role of the UN in promoting international peace and security, all the leaders stressed the need to work together for the early realization of the UN reforms, inter alia, the reform of the Security Council including the expansion of both permanent and non-permanent membership. In this context, the CLV leaders reiterated their support for Japan to become a permanent member of the Security Council.

(2) Disarmament and Non-proliferation, Landmines and Unexploded Bomb, and Drug

All the leaders emphasized the importance of enhancing the disarmament and non-proliferation regime, strengthening export controls and law enforcement capacity in the region through dialogues between the CLV and Japan. All the Leaders highlighted the need for the CLV and Japan to cooperate closely with each other to resolve antipersonnel land mine and unexploded bomb problems. All the leaders recognized that the drug problem is a serious global challenge that the international community must tackle in a coordinated manner. All the leaders shared the view on the importance of Japan's assistance to the CLV in this field.

4. Conclusion

All the leaders appreciated this Summit meeting as a significant step for the close cooperation among them on both international and regional issues. Prime Minister of Japan expressed his intention to cooperate as much as possible for the development and prosperity of the region, and to contribute to narrow the gap among the ASEAN member countries. The CLV Leaders welcomed Japan's intention while recognizing the important role Japan plays globally and for the region.

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