New Initiative of Japan's assistance for the CLV (Cambodia, Laos and Viet Nam)

Prime Minister Koizumi Shakes Hands with the Leaders of the Three Countries of Cambodia, Laos, and Viet Nam
Photo: Cabinet Public Relations Office

December 13, 2005

1. Assistance for the "Development Triangle" and other poverty reduction measures

(1) Assistance to the "Development Triangle"

  • Since the CLV-Japan Summit last year, 16 projects have been implemented or under implementation (approximately 2 billion yen in total) for the "Development Triangle", mainly in the area of basic human needs (BHN).
    (major projects are indicated on the attached map [PDF])

(2) Other poverty reduction measures

  • Three loan aid projects (approximately 21.5 billion yen in total) to Vietnam and two grant aid projects (approximately 200 million yen in total) to Laos to meet BHN in the CLV:
    (a) Phan Ri-Phan Thiet Irrigation Project (Vietnam: loan aid) (4,874 million yen)
    (b) Small-Scale Pro Poor Infrastructure Development Project (II) (Vietnam: loan aid) (14,788 million yen)
    (c) Regional and Provisional Hospital Development Project (Vietnam: loan aid) (1,805 million yen)
    (d) The Project for the Vientiane Water Supply Development (Detailed Design) (Laos: grant aid) (42 million yen)
    (e) The Project for the Improvement of District Hospitals (Laos: grant aid) (150 million yen)

2. Assistance for measures against avian influenza

  • Japan's cooperation to the CLV in dealing with avian influenza is expected to exceed 1.5 billion yen, including the cooperation to the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiolgy in Vietnam.

3. Cooperation to promote trade and investment of the private sector

  • A new loan aid (approximately 300 million yen) for the Sihanoukville Port SEZ Development Project
  • The "Mekong Exhibition" and a Mekong investment seminar in Tokyo in February 2006 ("Mekong Month").
  • Phase II of the "Vietnam-Japan Joint Initiative to Improve Business Environment with a view to strengthen Vietnam's Competitiveness"

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