New Japan-China Friendship Committee for the 21st Century
(New Committee List)

Japan Side:
Mr. Yotaro Kobayashi (Chairman of the Board of Fuji Xerox, Committee Chairperson)
Mr. Tadashi Sonoda (NHK, News Commentator)
Mr. Makoto Iokibe (Kobe University, Professor of History)
Mr. Takanori Matsui (University of Tokyo, Professor of Comparative Planetology)
Mr. Yoshimi Ishikawa (Akita Municipal Junior College of Arts and Crafts, President)
Mr. Motoshige Itoh (University of Tokyo, Professor, Faculty of Economics)
Ms. Chiaki Mukai (Astronaut)
Mr. Ryosei Kokubun (Keio University, Professor, Department of Political Science)
Chinese Side:
Mr. Zheng Bijian (Former Executive Vice-President of Party School of CPCCC (Communist Party of China Central Committee), Committee Chairperson)
Mr. Yan Xuetong (Director of Institute of International Studies, Tsinghua University)
Mr. Zhang Yunling (Director of the Institute of Asia Pacific Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Science)
Mr. Lu Zhongwei (President of China Institute of Contemporary International Relations)
Mr. Jiang Xiaosong (Vice-Chairman of BOAO Forum for Asia)
Mr. Sun Dongmin (People's Daily, foreign correspondent director in Japan)
Mr. Bai Yansong (Anchor of a high-rating program of CCTV (China Central Television))
Mr. Song Fei (National First Class Erhu (2-stringed fiddle) Performer, Professor of China Conservatory of Music)

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