Major elements of the Action Plan to implement the
Japan-Australia Joint Declaration on Security Cooperation

September 9, 2007

1. Strengthening cooperation on issues of common strategic interest

(1) Enhance policy coordination on security issues in the Asia Pacific region and beyond
(2) Exchange information and coordinate policy with respect to issues related to North Korea, such as the abduction, nuclear, and missile issues
(3) Enhance bilateral cooperation in the trilateral framework with the United States and in other multilateral frameworks including any existing and future regional security groupings

2. United Nations reform

Continue dialogue and cooperation on UN Reform, including actively pursuing early realisation of Japan's permanent membership of the UN Security Council

3. Security and defence cooperation

(1) Update the Memorandum on Defence Exchange to promote bilateral defense cooperation including in the following ways:

(a) annual Defence Ministerial meeting
(b) technical exchange
(c) information exchange
(d) cooperation in international peace cooperation activities, such as seminars relating to peacekeeping, studies on practical cooperation including logistics cooperation, exchange of information on disaster relief assets and capabilities, participation in the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) Desktop Exercise on Disaster Relief
(e) enhancement of bilateral defence cooperation in such frameworks as Japan-Australia-US trilateral framework and the ARF
(f) development of an annual calendar of cooperation and exchange activities

(2) Conduct activities in accordance with the current Memorandum on Defence Exchange

(a) high-level exchange
(b) working-level exchange
(c) unit-to-unit exchange
(d) exchange between educational and research institutions, and Australia's participation in the Tokyo Defense Forum

(3) Establish a dialogue on cooperation in the Pacific
(4) Conduct discussions on North Asian Security in the framework of the Australia-Japan 1.5 Track Dialogue
(5) Enhance exchange of views on human security

4. Law enforcement

(1) Enhance the cooperative relationship between the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Japan's National Police Agency (NPA)
(2) Exchange information relating to illicit drugs, including drug precursor chemicals
(3) Commence regular dialogue to coordinate regional aid strategies on trans-boundary threats in the region
(4) Hold Customs Cooperation Meeting to consider new areas of cooperation such as establishment of regular dialogue for information exchange between Customs experts.
(5) Enhance cooperation to combat money laundering
(6) Cooperate to progress discussions on the Arms Trade Treaty initiative

5. Border Security

Explore possibilities for bilateral cooperation in the area of border security

6. Counter-terrorism

(1) Strengthen bilateral cooperation among counter-terrorism officials
(2) Coordinate regional capacity building activities to help prevent the proliferation of MANPADS

7. Disarmament and counter-proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destructions and their means of delivery

(1) Hold annually the Australia-Japan Bilateral Disarmament and Non-proliferation Talks
(2) Cooperate to promote the PSI in the region.
(3) Cooperate on counter-proliferation outreach efforts, including considering holding Chemical Weapons Convention implementation workshops
(4) Promote the exchange of information relating to imports and exports of concern
(5) Cooperate in the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty review process

8. Peace Operations

(1) NPA to attend AFP's International Deployment Group pre-deployment training
(2) Australia to contribute a trainer to Japan's pilot human resource development training program in peace building in Asia

9. Exchange of strategic assessments and related information

(1) Commence discussions on measures taken by each country to protect classified information with a view to promoting information sharing among pertinent authorities
(2) Enhance the exchange of strategic assessments and related information through regular meetings between relevant agencies

10. Maritime and aviation security

(1) Hold a bilateral dialogue on transport security.
(2) Australia Customs and Japan Coast Guard to meet to discuss joint exercises, personnel exchange, and training opportunities

11. Humanitarian relief operations, including disaster relief

(1) Australia to participate in Japan's annual Urban Search and Rescue training
(2) Establish an annual bilateral dialogue on disaster risk reduction in the region
(3) Jointly strengthen the capacity of the UN to support regional disaster response and disaster management

12. Forthcoming dialogues

(1) Japan-Australia Joint Foreign and Defence Ministerial Consultations in Australia in 2008
(2) Foreign Ministers meeting in Australia in 2008
(3) Defence Ministers meeting in Australia in 2008
(4) Official's pol-mil dialogue
(5) Official's Defence Policy Talks
(6) Official's Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Talks
(7) Customs Cooperation Meeting in 2008

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