Visit by Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs Kazunori Tanaka to Three African Countries

- Uganda, Malawi, Madagascar -

(Overview and Evaluation)

Parliamentary Secretary Tanaka shaking hands with President Museveni (Uganda)
Parliamentary Secretary Tanaka shaking hands with Vice President Chilumpha (Malawi)
Parliamentary Secretary Tanaka shaking hands with President Ravalomanana (Madagascar)

1. Overview

(1) Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs Kazunori Tanaka visited the Republic of Uganda, the Republic of Malawi and the Republic of Madagascar from August 29 to September 9, 2004, to express Japan's appreciation to the leaders of these countries for participating in the Third Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD III) which took place in Tokyo last year. Parliamentary Secretary Tanaka also requested the three countries to further participate and cooperate in the TICAD process.

africa map
(2) During his stay in Uganda, Parliamentary Secretary Tanaka held meetings with President Yoweri Museveni, Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development Gerald Sendawula and others, then in Malawi with Vice President Cassim Chilumpha, Minister of Foreign Affairs George Chaponda, Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe and Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Food Security Chakufwa Chihana. In Madagascar, he met with President Marc Ravalomanana and Deputy Prime Minister Zaza Ramandimbiarison. In these meetings Parliamentary Secretary Tanaka exchanged views on a wide varge of issues such as bilateral relations including economic cooperation, and cooperation of international fora such as the United Nations.

(3) Parliamentary Secretary Tanaka visited the sites of Japan's economic cooperation in each of the three countries he visited and exchanged views with the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV) working on the ground.

2. Evaluation

(1) The visit of a Japanese high-level official to Africa has resulted in steady progress in the enhancement of relations between Japan and Africa. In particular, the visit this time carried enormous significance in further strengthening the existing amicable relations with the three countries, and facilitating cooperation in multilateral fora such as the UN.

(2) It was confirmed Each of the three countries explicitly supports the TICAD Process, the axis of Japan's policy for Africa. Furthermore, Parliamentary Secretary Tanaka had opportunities to directly request the participation and cooperation of the three countries in the TICAD Asia-Africa Trade and Investment Conference which is scheduled for November 2004 in Tokyo.

(3) Parliamentary Secretary Tanaka's visit resulted in enhancing visible and thoughtful diplomacy from the field-level viewpoint, through his interaction with the JOCV and visits to the sites of ODA projects implemented by Japan's economic cooperation.

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