Japan-Tunisia Foreign Ministers Meeting (Outline)

On December 19, a meeting was held between Foreign Minister Yoriko Kawaguchi and Foreign Minister Ben Yahia of Tunisia.

1. Foreign Minister Yahia made the following statements:

(1) Tunisia would like to invite Foreign Minister Kawaguchi to visit the country.

(2) Tunisia highly appreciates the Japanese contribution to Tunisia's efforts for a sustainable development by Japanese Official Development Assistance, and is also thankful for the cooperation by the Japan International Cooperation Agency, Japan Bank for International Cooperation, and Japan External Trade Organization.

(3) In view of the friendly relations between the two countries, Tunisia has decided to participate in Expo 2005 Aichi.

(4) Tunisia hopes to strengthen its diplomatic partnership with Japan.

(5) To fight terrorism, Tunisia has been making efforts to solve the problem peacefully rather than by using force since 80's. Tunisia has made efforts in such areas as furthering development, promoting social security and education, and taking others with moderate measures.

2. In response, Foreign Minister Kawaguchi made the following statements:

(1) I thank you for the invitation and hope to be able to visit Tunisia sometime.

(2) Japan is extremely grateful that Tunisia will take part in Expo 2005 Aichi and is confident that Tunisia's participation will make the event more wonderful.

(3) Tunisia always positively supports Japan when elections are held at the United Nations and other international organizations, and Japan would like to express its deep gratitude for that.

(4) Tunisia's economic progress has been remarkable, and Tunisia would be a model for development. The Third Tokyo International Conference on African Development is scheduled to be held in October 2003, and Japan looks forward to working with Tunisia toward the success of the Conference.

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