Funding from GoJ for the 2008 Presidential Election in Zambia amounted to exactly US$ 1,197,640. The purpose of the funds was procurement of equipment and election material (ballot papers, indelible ink, envelopes, tents and torch lanterns). The project outputs consisted of: Public information and voter education, Procurement and logistical support; and Collating lessons learned. The project supported the recruitment and training process of: 72 District Electoral; 150 Returning Officers; 450 Assistant Returning Officers; 9,314 Presiding Officers and 54, 641 Polling Assistants and Ushers. Final Report was submitted on 21 July, 2009, to all Cooperating Partners (Japan, Finland, Norway, USA and European Commission). It was shared with UNDP’s Partnership Bureau/HQ for onward submission to the Permanent Mission of Japan on 7 August, 2009. It is worth noting that all funds from this project are exhausted. The following link is more for informational purposes: other site