Japan assists series of consultations among Darfurians

January 29, 2008

  1. The Embassy of Japan in Khartoum welcomes the commencement of series of the consultations among Darfurians, which are financially supported by the Government of Japan, through the African Union (AU). The first consultation has started in Cambridge, U.K, on 28th January, 2008, which will be followed by other consultations in North America and Middle East, in addition to Sudan.
  2. Bearing in mind that it is crucial for all Darfurians' voice to be heard to achieve sustainable peace in Darfur, Japan strongly expects that Darfurians would reach, through series of consultations, a common ground, apart from their tribal and political affiliations. Japan also expects that these consultations would be positively reflected into the peace process led by the UN and AU Special Envoys and thus would make it further inclusive.
  3. Japan is committed to continue its engagement to global challenges, among others, peace and security, climate changes, and poverty, as a "Peace Fostering Nation". Japan's engagement to Darfur, through its support to series of dialogue and consultation among Darfurians, the second largest financial contribution to UN/AU Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) and humanitarian and recovery assistance, is an example of this commitment. Throughout this kind of engagement, Japan puts more importance enhancing "human security".

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