Toward Enhanced Relations
between Japan and the African Union

(Background Press Briefing Document)

October 13, 2004


Japan on the one part and the African Union on the other part,

  • affirming their common interest in security, peace and stability of Africa;
  • affirming their common attachment to the promotion of NEPAD;
  • affirming the importance of enhancing Asia-Africa partnership;
  • aware of the fact that the TICAD (Tokyo International Conference on African Development) process has been assuming a leading role for African development;
  • mindful of the trend the African Union is accelerating to acquire its own identity by promoting integration of Africa as one continent;

have decided to intensify their dialogue and to strengthen their cooperation and partnership based upon deepening mutual understanding between Japan and the AU.


The Two Parties will set out to explore together possible areas of cooperation. They will endeavor to strengthen their cooperation in particular with respect to the following areas:

  • Tackling various challenges for Africa including conflicts and poverty;
  • Strengthening mutual cooperation in the international arena including the activities of the United Nations;
  • Promoting the Asia-Africa partnership with substantial benefits.


Both Parties are committed to engage in continuous dialogue to give substance to this policy orientation. To this end, both Parties have decided to institute dialogue mechanisms as follows:

  • Japan and the African Union will take every chance to conduct continuous consultations at summit and at ministerial level;
  • Representatives of both the Government of Japan and the African Union will hold a high-level policy dialogue whenever both Parties agree on, at a venue to be agreed by both Parties for each occasion.


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