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Katsuya Okada/Minister for Foreign Affairs


Prime Minister Hatoyama addressing at the opening session of the United Nations Summit on Climate Change (September 22, New York, USA; photo: Cabinet Public Office Relations Office, Cabinet Secretariat)


Japan-Korea Exchange Festival 2009 in Tokyo (September 20, Tokyo; photo: the Organizational Committee of the Japan-Korea Exchange Festival)

Minister for Foreign Affairs Okada and US Secretary of State Clinton addressing a joint press conference (January 12, 2010, Hawaii, USA)

Minister for Foreign Affairs Okada attending �Polio Eradication Campaign� conducted by Afghan government (October 11, Kabul, Afghanistan)


JCoursework of the Program for Human Resource Development in Asia for Peacebuilding (February, Hiroshima; photo: Hiroshima Peacekeeping Center (HPC))

Myanmar refugee camp (Thailand)

Japan Disaster Relief Team (JDR) working in Indonesia (photo: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA))

Astronaut Wakata working on the International Space Station (photo: NASA/JAXA)

Gagaku, one of the oldest performing arts in Japan, encompasses ancient Japanese music and dance such as Azumaasobi, instrumental music and ceremonial dance introduced from the Asian continent after 6th century, and vocal music composed in Heian-era (8-12th century) such as Saibara or Rouei. Gagaku continues to be transmitted mainly in the Imperial Palace.


Providing informal education for working children in a city (Nepal, photo: SHAPLA NEER=Citizens� Committee in Japan for Oversea Support)

Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV) of vocational training course teaching how to repair a vehicle to youths such as street children (Philippines, photo: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA))

Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV) of nursing course giving guidance to nursing students in a hospital (Bolivia, photo: Japan International Cooperation Agency)

Minister for Foreign Affairs Okada addressing a inaugural press conference (September 17, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tokyo)