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Assisting Japanese Companies Overseas

In recent years with increasing globalization, it has become extremely important for Japanese companies and individuals in undertaking economic activities to cultivate their competitiveness in overseas markets and proactively enter such markets. Particularly amidst a worsening global economy, a major task for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to provide assistance that facilitates dynamic overseas activities by Japanese companies. The Ministry seeks out a broad range of views from Japanese companies regarding problems that they face. It responds to inquiries and requests from Japanese companies and conducts dialogues and consultations with other countries on regulatory reform and improvements in the business environment, calling for concrete improvements. In addition, as a country committed to becoming an "intellectual property-based nation," the Ministry actively takes countermeasures against counterfeit and pirated goods by reaching out to other countries through both bilateral and multilateral consultations, in an effort to protect the intellectual property rights of Japanese companies. Furthermore, Japan is working to develop legal and institutional foundations through the conclusion of conventions for the avoidance of double taxation, investment agreements, and social security agreements, for the purpose of improving the investing environment and lightening the economic burden of Japanese companies and individuals engaged in overseas activities.

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