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North America

The United States and Japan are allies and the Japan-US alliance is the linchpin of Japanese diplomacy. Japan and the US cooperate to work on a broad range of political, economic, and security issues based on their common fundamental values and interests. There are still unpredictable and uncertain elements in East Asia today, and the Japan-US alliance, with the Japan-US security arrangements at its core, plays an indispensable role in both the peace and security in Japan and stability and development in the Asia-Pacific region. Furthermore, both countries are engaged in not only bilateral issues but also issues facing the international community, in cooperation with countries around the world, taking advantage of various opportunities at a number of levels. Under the Abe administration, Japan and the United States cooperated closely on the issues facing Asia and the world, based on the concept of the "Japan-U.S. alliance for Asia and the world." Also, under the Fukuda administration inaugurated in September, the two countries are engaged in close policy coordination under a consistent principle of further strengthening the Japan-US alliance, with a visit to the United States as Prime Minister Fukuda's first official trip overseas.

Japan and Canada cooperate closely in politics, economics, security, and culture, since these two countries share fundamental values such as freedom, democracy, and the market economy as partners of Asia, and also as members of the G8. Through the Japan-Canada Summit Telephone Call in November and other diplomatic venues, the counties have decided to cooperate to develop their amicable bilateral relationship further, leading up to the 80th anniversary of the establishment of Japan-Canada diplomatic relations in 2008. In October, a report on the joint study on further promoting Japan-Canada trade and investment was completed, resulting in a strengthening of the bilateral economic relationship.

Photo:Minister for Foreign Affairs Koumura meeting with US Secretary of State Rice

Minister for Foreign Affairs Koumura meeting with US Secretary of State Rice
(September 27, Washington, D.C., USA)

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