Diplomatic  Bluebook 2007


Message from the Minister for Foreign Affairs


1  A New Pillar for Japanese Diplomacy: Creating an Arc of Freedom and Prosperity

2  International Developments and Japanese Diplomacy in 2006...

Regional Diplomacy

A  Asia and the Pacific

B  North America

C  Latin America and the Caribbean

D  Europe

E  The Russian Federation, Central Asia, and the Caucasus

F  The Middle East and North Africa

G  Africa (Sub-Sahara)

Japan's Foreign Policy in Major Diplomatic Fields

A  Efforts to Achieve Peace and Stability in the International Community

  (a)Japan-US Security Arrangements

  (b)Measures to Counter Terrorism and International Organized Crime

  (c)Regional Security

  (d)The United Nations

  (e)Efforts towards Peacebuilding

  (f)Disarmament and Non-proliferation (Including International Cooperation in Science and Technology and in the Field of Nuclear Energy)

  (g)Human Rights

  (h)Strengthening the “Rule of Law” in the International Community

  (i)The Promotion of International Cooperation (Including Development and Efforts to Address Environmental and Other Global Issues)

B  Efforts to Ensure Prosperity in the International Community

C  Public Relations Overseas and Cultural Diplomacy

Japanese People Active in the International Community and Roles of Diplomacy

A  Japanese People and Companies Active in the International Community

B  Assistance for Japanese Companies

C  Efforts to Increase the Safety and Peace of Mind of Japanese Traveling or Living Overseas

D  Ensuring Safety and Peace of Mind within Japanese Society and Responses to Issues Relating to Foreigners in Japan

  (a)Promotion of Exchange and Security Measures

  (b)Issues Relating to Foreigners in Japan

Japanese Diplomacy Backed by Public Understanding and Support

A  Strategic Information Provision as the Foundation for Proactive Diplomacy

B  Strengthening Japan's Diplomatic Implementation Structures


*Chapter 2/3/4 are made of extracts from Diplomatic Bluebook 2007 (Japanese version)

*Part of the photos is removed from the original Diplomatic Bluebook due to the concern about the copyrights.