Japan's Diplomatic Activities









This publication is intended to give an outline of the world situation and Japan's diplomatic activities mainly during the period from April 1987 to July 1988. It consists of three chapters plus some reference materials.

Chapter I gives an overview on the basic tasks for the Japanese diplomacy, principal trends in the world, and major diplomatic activities conducted by Japan. Chapter II dwells on important problems facing Japan and the world on a theme-by-theme basis. Chapter III recounts the situation in each region of the world, and Japan's diplomatic activities in the respective regions.







Chapter  I.  Japanese Foreign Policy in a Changing World

Section 1. Basic Tasks for Japanese Foreign Policy: Promotion of "Japan Contributing to a Better World"

Section 2. Major International Developments

Section 3. Japan's Major Diplomatic Activities


Chapter II.  Major Issues in the International Community and Roles of Japan

Section 1. Trends in International Politics and Contributions to Peace

1.  East-West Relations

2.  Regional Problems

(1) Korean Peninsula

(2) Cambodian Problem

(3) Afghan Problem

(4) Iran-Iraq Conflict

(5) Middle East Peace Problem

(6) Southern African Problem

(7) Central American Conflict

3.  Problem of International Terrorism

4.  U.N. Activities

Section 2. World Economic Trends and Contributions to Sustained Growth

1. Policy Coordination among Major Developed Countries

2. Strengthening Free Trading System

3. COCOM in East-West Economic Relations

Section 3. Contributions to the Stability and Development of Developing Countries

1. Present State of Developing Countries' Economies

2. Official Development Assistance (ODA)

3. Economic Cooperation through International Organizations

Section 4. International Cooperation on Science and Technology

Section 5. Promotion of International Exchange

1. Promotion of Mutual Understanding

2. Cultural Exchange

3. Internationalization and Flow of People


Chapter III. Situation in Each Region and Japan's Relation with Respective Regions

Section 1. Asia-Pacific Region

1. Korean Peninsula

2. China

3. Southeast Asia

4. South Asia

5. Oceania

Section 2. North America

Section 3. Latin America

Section 4. Western Europe

Section 5. Soviet Union and East Europe

Section 6. Middle East

Section 7. Africa


Chapter Added Diplomacy Machine



Section 1. Speeches by the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister at the National Diet

Section 2. Principal Addresses by Japanese Delegations

Section 3. Exchange of VIP Visits (April 1987-July 1988)