Review of Recent Developments

in Japan's Foreign Relations





The following is a translation of Part I of the Diplomatic Bluebook 1985 Edition published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The edition mainly covers the 1984 calendar year. The translation was prepared by the Foreign Press Center/Japan.







CHAPTER ONE: Basic Foreign Policy Issues for Japan: Marking the Fortieth Year since the End of the War

CHAPTER TWO: International Developments in 1984

CHAPTER THREE: Postwar Japanese Diplomacy and Major Diplomatic Efforts by Japan in 1984

Section 1. External Economic Relations: From Recovery to Prosperity to Making a Positive contribution

Section 2. The United Nations at Forty and Japan in the United Nations

Section 3. Promoting Relations with Specific Countries

Section 4. Economic Cooperation: From Recipient to Major Donor

Section 5. One Hundred Years of Government-endorsed Emigration

Section 6. Promoting International Understanding