Part II


Chapter 1 The Outcomes of Recent Major International Conferences and Japan’s Measures in Response
1. G8 Evian Summit (June)
2. UN High Level Dialogue on Financing for Development (October)
3. International Conferences for Each Sector and Measures Taken
(1) Education
A. Education For All (EFA)
B. The Fast Track Initiative (FTI)
C. UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development
(2) Health
A. The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Global Fund)
B. Harmonized Action on the Health, Nutrition and Population MDGs Meeting
(3) Water and Sanitation—the Third World Water Forum and Ministerial Conference
Chapter 2 Major Points of Discussion surrounding Development Issues and Japan’s Statements
Section 1. Major Points of Discussion Surrounding Development Issues and Japan’s Basic Approach
1. Major Points of Discussion Surrounding Development Issues
2. Japan’s Basic Approach
(1) The Range of Important Development Issues
(2) Poverty Reduction through Economic Growth
Section 2. Japan’s Statements and Contributions for each Major Point of Discussion
1. Poverty Reduction and Economic Growth, the Role of Infrastructure
2. Monitoring on the State of Achievement of the MDGs
3. Ensuring Financing for Development—Coordination of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Trade and Development
4. PRSP and MDGs
5. Partnership and Collaboration in the International Community to Improve the Effectiveness of Aid
(1) Partnership and Collaboration with Major Donor Countries and International Organizations
A. World Bank
(2) Improving Aid Effectiveness
A. Modalities
B. Harmonization of Procedures
C. Specific Measures Taken by Japan
6. Coherency of Policy
7. Measures to Tackle the Debt Problem

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