The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan

Executive Summary of ITER Site Proposal

September 17, 2002

1. Technical Aspects

1.1 Land:

The candidate site in Iyasakadaira district of Rokkasho-mura has the following advantageous site characteristics which would exceed the site requirements. 1.2 Electrical Power and Water Supply, Sewage

The site will provide flexibility and possibility of extensive operation. 1.3 Shipping and Transportation

The site has efficient characteristic of transportation. 1.4 Tritium Transportation

Experience and expertise of the tritium transportation has already been gained. Tritium transportation is possible within the existing framework of regulations.

1.5 Radioactive Wastes

The radioactive wastes from ITER will be treated and disposed of in accordance with the present practice.

1.6 Industrial Infrastructure

Japanese industries have internationally high level of standards and quality with excellent manufacturing capability. Considering on-going construction of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities by the Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited in the vicinity of the site, a sufficiently large pool of technically skilled workforce already exists in the area.

1.7 Scientific and Research Resources 2. Socio-Cultural Aspects

2.1 Access

In the vicinity of the site, there are; Easy access to international flights at Narita Airport is guaranteed by the regular transfer service from Haneda Airport and Tokyo Station to Narita Airport.

2.2 Residential Environment

French and British engineers with their families (about 160) already reside in the area. 3. Licensing Aspects

3.1 Basic concepts of ensuring safety of ITER have already been considered taking the feature of ITER into account, and concrete procedure of safety regulation is under consideration.

3.2 The major safety requirements are as follows; 3.3 The basic concepts of safety regulatory procedure of ITER is to regulate necessary items, scientifically and reasonably, in each stage of basic design, construction (detailed design and construction works), operation and decommissioning. 3.4 Structural technical codes, including codes and standards applied to ITER are under preparation.

4. Host/ILE Relation

The Japanese Government in association with the local governments (Aomori Prefecture and Rokkasho-mura) will specify the responsibilities both for the work to bring the site into the standard conditions, and for provision of the support and services to the ILE according to the Article of Host Support. 5. Financial Aspects

5.1 Operation Costs

The operation cost estimated in the ITER Final Design Report will be assumed.

5.2 ITER Waste
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