Japan-UK Foreign Ministerial Meeting

June 27, 2009

On June 27, 2009 (JST), Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hirofumi Nakasone, who was in Trieste to attend the G8 Foreign Ministers Meeting, held a meeting with Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of the U.K., David Miliband for about 40 minutes from 8:15 AM. The summary of the meeting is as follows:

1. Japan-UK Bilateral Relations

At the outset, Secretary Miliband stated Japan-UK relations were very important, and that he would like to further strengthen and deepen the relations by working together to tackle challenges faced by both countries, such as nuclear non-proliferation and climate change. In response, Minister Nakasone expressed his wish to work together to address the global challenges Secretary Miliband mentioned, and to continue to cooperate at all levels towards further advancement of Japan-UK relations.

2. Iran

Minister Nakasone expressed his concern about the casualties that have resulted from the protests after the Iranian Presidential election and that Japan would like to see a peaceful resolution. Furthermore, referring his visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran in May, Minister Nakasone stated that Japan shared the concerns of the international community on Iran's nuclear issue and continued to call upon Iran to comply with the United Nations Security Council Resolutions, while it would urge Iran to be more realistic through dialogues with the international community. In response, Secretary Miliband expressed his agreement on Minister Nakasone's views and approaches on this issue and stated that, in his view, while there was little chance that Iran would respond positively to the urges of the international community in the immediate future, it was necessary to accelerate diplomatic efforts on nuclear non-proliferation issue.

3. North Korea

Minister Nakasone stated that he commended the adoption of the strong United Nations Security Council resolution concerning the Nuclear Test conducted by North Korea, in cooperation with other countries including the UK, and stated that it was important to ensure that the resolution would be implemented firmly. Further, Minister Nakasone mentioned that Japan would like to continue to cooperate with the UK and other countries at the United Nations and otherwise, towards the resolution of the issues of concern including nuclear weapons, missiles, and the abduction issue. Minister Nakasone stated that the process of the Six-Party Talks was the most appropriate framework for dealing with North Korea, and that Japan would like to make efforts to resume the process. Secretary Miliband stated that he fully agreed with Minister Nakasone and stated that convincing North Korea to return to the Six-Party Talks was important, and that the UK would like to follow Japan's approach. Both Ministers agreed to continue to cooperate on this matter.

4. Myanmar

Secretary Miliband expressed concerns about the lack of progress on the release of political prisoners in Myanmar where the general election and the national referendum were expected to be conducted in 2010. In response, Minister Nakasone expressed his concerns about the detention under house arrest and the charges brought against Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Minister Nakasone shared with Secretary Miliband that he had met with Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Union of Myanmar U Nyan Win in May in Hanoi and he had conveyed his concerns and pointed out that now was a critical time for Myanmar's relations with the international community, and that Myanmar should act in an appropriate way, and he also stated that he stressed the importance of advancing the democratization process in Myanmar in such a way that it was given high regard by the international community with the participation of all parties concerned.

5. United Nations Security Council Reform

Secretary Miliband stated that the UK supported Japan's position on advancing the United Nations Security Council reform. In response, Minister Nakasone expressed his appreciation for the UK's strong support.

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