APEC 1997

APEC 1997

Japanese Version


Date Schedule
November 21 (a.m.): Informal Ministerial Meeting (on Early Voluntary Sectoral Liberalization sectors)
November 21 (p.m.) - November 22 (all day): Ministerial Meeting
November 24 (p.m.) - November 25: Informal Economic Leaders' Meeting

Japanese Participants

The Kyoto Initiative (Summary) (Full Text)

Individual Aciton Plan (IAP)

Press Conference by Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto

Briefings by Mr. Hiroshi Hashimoto, Spokesperson for the Prime Minister of Japan

Other Briefings

1997 APEC Results Report

Ninth APEC Ministerial Meeting Joint Statement Vancouver, November 21-22, 1997

APEC 97 Leaders Declaration

Press Releases

Japan-Canada Relations

APEC Meetings in the past


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