SECURITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION 1160 (1998), 1199 (1998), 1203 (1999) and 1244 (1999)

17 June 2009

Thank you, Mr. President.

I would like to welcome the participation of Foreign Minister Hyseni of Kosovo. I am also pleased with the presence of Foreign Minister Jeremic of Serbia.

I would like to thank Special Representative Lamberto Zannier for his very comprehensive briefing this afternoon. We are very much grateful to the Secretary-General and his Special Representative for their contributions to the gradual improvement of the situation in Kosovo.

We particularly appreciate the Secretary-General's initiative of UNMIK's reconfiguration which is now approaching its final stage. EULEX is now deployed throughout Kosovo and reached full operational capabilities in early April. We commend EULEX and other international presences such as KFOR and OSCE for the stabilization of Kosovo.

We appreciate Serbia's cooperation with the EULEX operation. We believe Serbia's commitment to the European integration process serves to promote the stability and prosperity of the whole West Balkan region, including Kosovo. Therefore, we expect Serbia to continue to further advance its integration into Europe in cooperation with the international community.

Mr. President,

Exactly one year passed since the entry into force of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo. During this period, Kosovo has made steady progress in its own nation-building by strengthening various state agencies. We hope that Kosovo will develop fully as a democratic, multi-ethnic country which would contribute to the stabilization of the region.

It is gratifying that the number of countries which recognize Kosovo has been increasing gradually. Also, Kosovo's membership in international financial institutions, the IMF in May and World Bank this month, represents a significant opening for its future development within the global economy. We hope that Kosovo continues to play a constructive role as a responsible member of the international economic community.

The situation on the ground is generally stable, but there are occasionally inter-ethnic tensions in certain areas. We share the concern about the recent incident that happened in Mitrovica.

We wish to see more efforts made for effective protection of minorities. I believe UNMIK can play a useful role in the inter-ethnic mediation and the dialogue on the Six Points, in close cooperation with other partners, including KFOR, EULEX and the Member States.

Japan has actively supported Kosovo, including through the UN Human Security Trust Fund, in its efforts for peaceful coexistence and sustainable development as a multi-ethnic society, particularly in the northern part.

Japan will continue to extend our strong support, from a human security perspective, to meet the needs of the people of Kosovo. We remain committed to help Kosovo develop as a vibrant, multi-ethnic and democratic country.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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