Statement by H.E. Mr. Yukio Takasu
Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations
At the Security Council Debate on the Situation
in Bosnia and Herzegovina

28 May 2009, New York

Mr. President,

First of all, I would like to express my warm welcome to Chairman Spiric to the Security Council this morning, and also I would like to congratulate Mr. Valentin Inzko for his assumption of the position of High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Knowing personally his professional competence and deep knowledge of the region, I am convinced that Mr. Inzko will fulfill his responsibility with distinction and make a significant contribution to achieving stability in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
I am also grateful for the efforts made to prepare a comprehensive report and the valuable briefing this morning.

We agree with the assessment that only limited progress was made during the reporting period.
We acknowledge that some progress has been made regarding the five objectives and the two conditions (5+2), including issues concerning the legal status of the Brčko District. However, the political situation has remained unstable due to the continuing exchanges of ethno-centric rhetoric.
We have serious misgivings about the failure of coordination among government agencies and the major political parties, which has left many issues unresolved.
Japan believes that all parties should maintain a constructive attitude to develop Bosnia and Herzegovina into a vibrant and sustainable State.

We are somewhat disappointed to hear that the Prud Process lost momentum. We should extend full support to achieve the Prud Process.
Continuation of this process is indispensable for Bosnia and Herzegovina to become a full-fledged member of the European community. We urge all political leaders to accept this fact and to maintain active engagement in this process to address constitutional reform.

Japan continues to assist Bosnia and Herzegovina to achieve its integration into the Euro-Atlantic community.
For this purpose, necessary progress has to be made, including the implementation of "5+2", and the transition from the Office of the High Representative to EU Special Representative. The high attention and urging of the international community work as the strongest driving force towards this objective.
The recent visits to Sarajevo by the EU Troika Foreign Ministers, as well as by the CFSP High Representative and US Vice President Biden, demonstrated the determination of the international community to jointly strengthen engagement in this region. We welcome these initiatives to advance the reform process and stabilization of the situation.

Mr. President,

Consolidation of peace in the country is the cornerstone for peace and prosperity in the Western Balkan region as a whole.
Japan believes that a human security perspective helps consolidate coexistence, reconciliation, and stability in a multi-ethnic society. Based on this belief, we have been actively contributing to community reconciliation, stability and development of Bosnia and Herzegovina through its bilateral programs.
We have also been an active member of the PIC Steering Board since the beginning.

Early this year, we have decided to support a new project on Demining in Banovici and Processing of War Crimes Cases, with a view to enhancing human security. We will extend additional support to Bosnia and Herzegovina in its effort to establish a sound base for sustainable development, and also to consolidate peace.

In conclusion, the role of the High Representative will continue to be important, in light of the still unstable situation.
As a member of the PIC, we encourage Mr. Inzko to make full use of his authority as the High Representative, including the exercise of the Bonn Power in case necessity demands.
We urge Bosnia and Herzegovina to accelerate stabilizing efforts and integration in the Euro-Atlantic community.
I reiterate my country's firm and continuing commitment to support Bosnia and Herzegovina in advancing this process.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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