Attendees at the funeral service for former Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi

June 8, 2000

1. Asia
President Kim Dae Jung, from the Republic of Korea (accompanied by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Lee Jung Bin)
President Joseph Ejercito Estrada, from the Republic of the Philippines (accompanied by Secretary for Foreign Affairs Domingo L. Siazon)
President Abdurrahman Wahid, from the Republic of Indonesia (accompanied by Foreign Minister Alwi Shihab)
Prime Minister Likphai Chuan, from the Kingdom of Thailand (accompanied by Foreign Minister Pitsuwan Surin)
Prime Minister Hun Sen, from the Kingdom of Cambodia (accompanied by Senior Minister Hor Namhong)
Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad, from Malaysia
Prime Minister Sisavat Keobounphan, from the Lao People's Democratic Republic
Senior Minister of Prime Minister's Office Lee Kuan Yew, from the Republic of Singapore
Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Manh Cam, from the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
Secretary-1 of the State Peace and Development Council, Lt.General Khin Nyunt, from the Union of Myanmar
Minister of Industry and Prime Resources Abdul Rahman, from Brunei Darussalam
Vice Premier Qichen Qian, from the People's Republic of China
Secretary for Home Affairs David Lan Hong-tsung, from Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the People's Republic of China
Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Fernando Chui Sai On, from Macao Special Administrative Region, the People's Republic of China
Prime Minister Rinchinnyamin Amarjargal, from Mongolia
Minister of Defence George Fernandes, from India
Minister for Foreign Affairs Abdus Samad Azad, from the People's Republic of Bangladesh
Minister for Foreign Affairs Chakra Prasad Bastola, from the Kingdom of Nepal
Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation Dharmasiri Senanayake, from the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
Senior Member of the National Security Council Muhammad Shafi Niaz, from Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Minister of Foreign Affairs Fathulla Jameel, from the Republic of Maldives

2. North America
President William Jefferson Clinton, from the United States of America
Minister for International Trade Pierre Pettigrew, from Canada

3. Latin America
President of Council of Ministers and Minister of Justice Jose Alberto Bustamante Belaunde, from the Republic of Peru
President of the National Assembly Ivan Escobal Fornos, from the Republic of Nicaragua
Prime Minister Samuel Hinds the Co-operative Republic of Guyana
Vice President Carlos Quintanilla Schmidt, from the Republic of El Salvador
Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade George William Odlum, from Saint Lucia
Minister, Secretary General of the Government Claudio Huepe Garcia, from the Republic of Chile
Special Adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergio Gonzalez Galvez, from the United Mexican States
Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Rafael Antonio Salazar Galvez, from the Republic of Guatemala
Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Guillermo Valles Galmes, from the Oriental Republic of Uruguay

4. Oceania
President Leo A. Falcom, from the Federated States of Micronesia
President Kuniwo Nakamura, from the Republic of Palau
President Kessai H.Note, from the Republic of the Marshall Islands
Prime Minister John Howard, from Australia
Prime Minister Mekere Morauta, from Papua New Guinea
Prime Minister Ionatana Ionatana, from Tuvalu
Deputy Prime Minister Jim Anderton, from New Zealand
Governor of Vava'u Tuita, from the Kingdom of Tonga
Minister for Lands, Surveys and Environment Tuala Sale Tagaloa, from Independent State of Samoa

5. Europe
Deputy Prime Minister Khristenko, Viktor Borisovich, from Russian Federation
Vice President Todor Kavaldjiev, from the Republic of Bulgaria
President of the Upper House Esperanza Aguirre Gil de Biedma, from Spain
3rd President of the Parliament Werner Fasslabend, from the Republic of Austria
Former Prime Minister Alain Juppe, from French Republic
Former President of Council of Ministers Massimo D'Alema, from the Republic of Italy
Minister of State Willy De Clercq, from the Kingdom of Belgium
1st Vice Chairman Ivan Havlicek, from Czech Republic
Vice-Chairman of Senate of the Parliament Omirbek Baigeldi, from the Republic of Kazakhstan
Minister of Foreign Affairs Tarasyuk Borys, from Ukraine
Minister of State for Foreign Affairs John Battle, from the United Kingdom
Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, from the Federal Republic of Germany
Minister of State Willem Scholten, from the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Bjarne Lindstroem, from the Kingdom of Norway
Minister of Health and Social Security Ingibjorg Palmadottir, from the Republic of Iceland
Minister of Education Maija Rask, from the Republic of Finland
Minister of State at the Department of Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht and the Islands Eamon O Cuiv, from Ireland
Minister for Labour and Solidarity Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues, from the Portuguese Republic
Minister of Health Dragan Danilovski, from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Dragan Bozanic, from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Secretary of State, Minister of Foreign Affairs Eugen Dijmarescu, from Romania
(Mr. Dijmarescu holds the Special Envoy from the Republic of Moldova concurrently.)
State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Miha Pogacnik, from the Republic of Slovenia
Vice-minister of Justice Rasa Budbergyte, from the Republic of Lithuania
Minister for Foreign Trade Anita Gradin, from the Kingdom of Sweden

6. Middle East, Africa
Crown Prince Hamzah Bin Al-Husein, from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Vice President George Saitoti, from the Republic of Kenya
Prime Minister Caetano N'Tehama, from the Republic of Guinea-Bissau
Speaker of the National Assembly Rey Matlapeng Molomo, from the Republic of Botswana
Speaker of the Tunisian Chamber of Representatives Foued Mebazaa, from the Republic of Tunisia
1st Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Eriya Kategaya, from Republic of Uganda
Deputy Prime Minister Arthur R.V. Khoza, from the Kingdom of Swaziland
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Communications Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, from the State of Israel
Deputy Prime Minister Cumhur Ersumer, from the Republic of Turkey
Minister of Foreign Affairs Sipakeli Walubita, from the Republic of Zambia
Minister of Foreign Affairs Lila Ratsifandrihamanana, from the Republic of Madagascar
Head of Presidential Office Mohammad Ali Abtahi, from Islamic Republic of Iran
Minister of Commerce and Industry Seyni Oumarou, from the Republic of Niger
Minister for Finance, Economy and Trade Yousef Hussein Kamal, from the State of Qatar
Minister of Public Enterprises Jeff T. Radebe, from the Republic of South Africa
Minister for Planning and Cooperation Elhadj Thierno Mamadou Cellou Diallo, from the Republic of Guinea
Minister of State for War Veterans in President's Office Witness P. Mangmende, from the Republic of Zimbabwe
Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah Al-Saidi, from the Republic of Yemen
Personal Advisor to His Majesty the Sultan of Oman Mubarak bin Saleh Al-Khuduri, from Sultanate of Oman
Minister of Finance Mohamed Zohdi Nashashibi, from Palestinian Authority

7. International Organisations
Director-General Jacques Diouf, from FAO
Director-General Koichiro Matsuura, from UNESCO
Rector of the UN University Hans J.A.van Ginkel, from UN
Deputy Director-General Shozo Uemura, from WIPO

(In addition, Special Envoys from APO, ASEAN centre, ITTO and UTU all of which have head quarters in Japan are expected to attend.)

Titles are abbreviated and attendants' names are in no particular order.

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