Press Conference by Foreign Minister Masahiko Koumura Archives
August 2008

29 August

  1. Regarding the Death of Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa
  2. Kidnapping of a Japanese National in Afghanistan
  3. North Korean Issues
  4. Incident involving Chinese-made Frozen Dumplings
  5. Situation in South Ossetia, Georgia

26 August

  1. Opening Statement by the Minister for Foreign Affairs
    • Selections Awarded Prizes in the Second International MANGA Award
    • Joint Mission to Promote Trade and Investment in Africa
  2. North Korean Issues
  3. Japan-China-Republic of Korea Summit Meeting
  4. Refueling Activities in the Indian Ocean
  5. Japan-China Consultations on Gas Fields in the East China Sea
  6. Japan-Russia Relations

15 August

  1. Visit to the People's Republic of China by Foreign Minister Koumura
  2. Anniversary of the End of World War II

2 August

  1. Foreign Minister's Visit to India
  2. Foreign Minister's Aspirations upon Reappointment
  3. Japan-ROK Relations
  4. Leakage of Coolant Water from Nuclear-Powered Submarine USS Houston
  5. Japan-DPRK Relations
  6. Realignment of US Forces
  7. Replenishment Activities in the Indian Ocean
  8. The WTO Doha Round

1 August

  1. Foreign Minister's Tenure in Office

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