Press Conference by Foreign Minister Masahiko Koumura Archives
June 2008

27 June

  1. First session of the G8 Kyoto Foreign Ministers' Meeting

26 June

  1. North Korea's Nuclear Declaration

24 June

  1. North Korean issues
  2. Incident involving shooting and capture of the Kisshin Maru 31
  3. Climate change issue

23 June

  1. Incorrect media reports on the Japan-North Korea Consultations

20 June

  1. Ministerial-level meeting of the Four-Party Consultative Unit for the "Corridor for Peace and Prosperity"
  2. North Korean Issues
  3. Assistance for Afghanistan

18 June

Cooperation between Japan and China in the East China Sea (Joint Press Conference by Minister for Foreign Affairs Masahiko Koumura and Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Akira Amari)

17 June

  1. Kidnapping of Japanese National in Iran
  2. North Korean Issues
  3. Japan-China Consultations on Gas Fields in the East China Sea
  4. Japan-US Status of Forces Agreement
  5. Incident Involving the Provision of Gifts when Using Taxis Late at Night
  6. Acquisition by Civil Servants of the Mileage Points Accrued During Their Business Trips
  7. Collision Between a Japan Coast Guard Patrol Vessel and a Fishing Vessel from Taiwan

10 June

  1. Making Strategic Use of Bilateral Investment Treaties
  2. Japan-North Korea Consultations
  3. Collision off Uotsurijima Island
  4. Incident Involving the Provision of Goods to Officials Using Late Night Taxis
  5. Current Situation of the Diet Deliberations
  6. International Conference in Support of Afghanistan

6 June

  1. North Korean issues
  2. Dispatch of Governmental Election Observation mission for the General Election in Cambodia
  3. Assistance for Afghanistan

3 June

  1. Assistance for Earthquake in Western China
  2. Trilateral Meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Japan, the People's Republic of China, and the Republic of Korea
  3. North Korean Issues
  4. Japan-China Consultations concerning Gas Fields in the East China Sea
  5. Refueling Operations in the Indian Ocean
  6. Assistance to Afghanistan
  7. Climate Change Issues

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