Press Conference by Foreign Minister Taro Aso Archives
July 2007

24 July

  1. North Korean issues

17 July

  1. Typhoon No. 4 and Chuetsu-oki Earthquake
  2. Cabinet Meeting
  3. North Korean issues

10 July

  1. Cabinet Meeting
  2. Use of "House of Friendship" on Kunashiri Island for Unintended Purposes
  3. The Issue of Office Maintenance Fees for Norihiko Akagi, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries

6 July

  1. Nomination to Fill Judicial Vacancies through a By-Election of the ICC
  2. Lawsuit in International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea regarding Seizure of Japanese Fishing Vessel
  3. North Korean Issues
  4. Situation in Darfur

3 July

  1. Cabinet Meeting
  2. Defense Minister Kyuma's Comments
  3. Reduction of CO2 Emissions
  4. North Korean Issues

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