Press Conference by Foreign Minister Taro Aso Archives
October 2006

31 October

  1. Material aid cooperation for Sri Lankan victims based on the International Peace Cooperation Law
  2. Cabinet Meeting/Informal Cabinet Meeting
  3. United Nations Security Council Resolution on Sanctions against North Korea
  4. Six-Party Talks
  5. United Nations Security Council reform

27 October

  1. Resolution on nuclear disarmament
  2. Sending of a vessel by residents of Hong Kong to the Senkaku Islands
  3. North Korean nuclear test announcement

24 October

  • Announcement of North Korean Nuclear Test

15 October

  • The North Korean Nuclear Issue

13 October

  • North Korea Nuclear Test Announcement

9 October (11:45 pm)

  • The North Korean Nuclear Issue

6 October

  1. Cabinet Meeting
  2. North Korean nuclear issue
  3. Japan-China Summit, Japan-ROK Summit

3 October

  • The North Korean Nuclear Issue

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