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Press Conference by Foreign Minister Taro Aso

Date: Sunday, October 15, 2006, 7.32 a.m.
Place: in front of the Fuji Television building

Main topics:

  • The North Korean Nuclear Issue

The North Korean Nuclear Issue

A decision has been reached regarding the sanctions resolution imposed on North Korea. What is your opinion regarding this?

That a unanimous resolution invoking Chapter 7 was issued six days after October 9 is, I believe, a good thing. It represents considerable progress.

The question from now is what measures will be taken to cooperate with the United States. What do you have to say on this?

Techniques matter a lot from here on in. This seems to be the sole topic in which everyone is interested in, but, at the moment, we don't know the results of the nuclear test. It is clear that a new nuclear power has emerged in East Asia furthermore, which has the means of deliver in the form of missiles. In the light of this fact, Japan must consider how it is to respond to the country that wields this enormous influence over the conditions that guarantee the peace and security of this region. As for ourselves, being in charge of Japan's foreign affairs, our job is to minimize the danger that it poses to our nation. This, I believe, is our primary task in this new situation.

The matter of visitation is under consideration. What kind of cooperation or support of this can the government offer?

This itself is a matter of technique, so at present we are considering what kind of action we should take in a variety of situations. Rather than 'visitation' I would say that 'inspection of ships' is better understood. It is 'called upon' the member states in regard to the inspection of cargo from and to North Korea. Cooperating in that sense is, I think, a given.

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