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Press Conference by Foreign Minister Taro Aso

Date: Friday, October 13, 2006, 8.55a.m.
Place: In front of the Ministers' Room in the House

Main topics:

  • North Korea Nuclear Test Announcement

North Korea Nuclear Test Announcement

There is now an air of general consensus in the United Nations Security Council.

On the 12th local time, a draft was made and is being taken back to the member countries. On the 13th, local time, a decision will be arrived at and the draft will be made blue. 'Making it blue' is United Nations parlance for coming to a vote within 24 hours. Once that blue line is reached, the likelihood of Chapter 7 Clause 41 being invoked is high.

As a foreign minister, how do you view this?

It is Japan's wish that the abduction issue be included as a human security issue, however the abductions issue is not directly related to the missile issue. But it will be an achievement if we do manage to get it included.

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