Dispatch of Mr. Yasushi Akashi, Representative of the Government of Japan, to Sri Lanka and India

June 14, 2010

  1. In Sri Lanka, where the military conflict of more than 25 years was brought to an end in May 2009, a new government led by President Mahinda Rajapaksa was inaugurated after the presidential election in January 2010 and the general election in April. Following this development, the Government of Japan has decided to dispatch Mr. Yasushi Akashi, Representative of the Government of Japan for Peace-Building, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction in Sri Lanka, to Sri Lanka and India from June 15 (Tue) to 21 (Mon).

  2. During his stay in Sri Lanka, Mr. Akashi will meet with government officials and representatives of the ruling and opposition parties, and call for early resettlement of internally displaced persons(IDPs) as well as swift progress in political processes for national reconciliation toward the establishment of lasting peace. He is also scheduled to inspect resettlement villages for IDPs in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. In India, Mr. Akashi will exchange views with government officials on the situation in Sri Lanka.

  3. For Mr. Akashi, this will be the 20th visit to Sri Lanka.