Launch of the Megaports Initiative Pilot Project in Yokohama Port

January 26, 2009

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

  From March 2nd, 2009, the Government of Japan will launch the pilot project of Megaports Initiative, which aims at contributing to strengthening the nuclear non-proliferation and counter-terrorism measures, at Minami Honmoku Terminal of the Port of Yokohama.

  This pilot project is to verify the feasibility of the Megaports Initiative in Japan according to the agreement with the United States on the implementation of the pilot project jointly announced on July 3rd, 2008.  

<Outline of the Pilot Project>

    1. Implementation Site

      Minami Honmoku Terminal of the Port of Yokohama (Container Terminal MC-1・2)

    2. Content of Execution

      (1)Target Containers

        All containerized cargos carried in and out of the gates of the aforementioned terminal gate.

      (2)Execution Procedures

        a. Radiation Portal Monitor (RPM) installed at the gate screens radiation emissions from the containerized cargos: Primary Inspection  

        * The trailer drivers and freights are not exposed to dager as no radiation is irradiated from the detection equipment.

        b. If the radiation that exceeds the alarm threshold is detected from the containerized cargo as a result of the Primary Inspection, it will be notified to the Yokohama Customs, Ministry of Finance, and the necessity of a detailed inspection will be judged.

        c. If judged necessary, the Customs executes the inspection with a Radionuclide Identification Device (RID): Secondary Inspection

        * Appropriate measures such as further inspection or notification to relevant organizations will be taken if necessary, based on the result of the Secondary Inspection.

    3. Future schedule

      January 25th --- Complete installation of Radiation Portal Monitor (RPM)s for Primary Inspection.

      January 26th --- Adjustment of the equipment and the test run.

      March 2nd (schedule) --- Launch of the Pilot Project.

      *Commencement date of the Pilot Project may be postponed depending on the implementation of the test run.

    4. Other

      This pilot project is executed with the full cooperation of Yokohama Port Public Cooperation. and operating companies at terminal.


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