Visit to Japan by the Japanese American Leadership Delegation

February 29, 2008

  1. As a program co-sponsored and organized with the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will invite 13 young Japanese American leaders from various fields including business, public institutions, education and arts (from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Honolulu, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, New York, and Washington, D. C.) from March 1 (Sat) to March 9 (Sun).  The Delegation is led by Ms. Irene Hirano, President of the Japanese American National Museum.
  2. During their stay in Tokyo, the Delegation will meet with leaders of such various fields including the National Diet, the Government of Japan, business and international exchange.  They will also exchange opinions with Japanese Americans living in Japan.  On March 4 (Tue), the Delegation will participate in a panel discussion with Forum 21 (young economic leaders) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and they will then visit Fukuoka and Kyoto.  In Fukuoka, the Delegation will participate in a symposium under the theme “Reconnecting with Japanese Americans-- Beyond 100 years of Emigration--” and give presentations.
  3. The aim of this invitation is to promote understanding in Japan of the historical experience and the current situation of the Japanese Americans in the United States, and at the same time to provide young Japanese American leaders with an opportunity to enhance their understanding of Japan and form networks with Japan through actual exposure to the Japanese politics, economy, society and culture.  This will be the eighth invitation.
  4. It is expected that through this program, the bonds between the Japanese American community and Japan will be strengthened in the future, leading to further enhancement of Japan-US relations.

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