The Sixth Japan-ROK High-level Economic Consultation

July 11, 2007

  1. The sixth Japan-ROK High-level Economic Consultation will be held on July 11 (Wed) and 12 (Thu) in Seoul (a working-level consultation on July 12).
  2. This is a framework to conduct a comprehensive consultation on the overall economic relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea.  The Consultation will be attended on the Japanese side by Mr. Masaharu Kono, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs (in charge of Economy), as its chief representative; and on the ROK side by Mr. Cho Tae Yul, Deputy Minister for Trade, as chief representative.
  3. The Consultation will discuss the macro-economic situation and policy, and the trade policy of each country, Japan-ROK economic cooperation and the environment issues between the two countries including a Japan-ROK EPA, issues of climate change and other matters.