International Conference on Sustainable Growth in the Asia-Pacific Region

October 23, 2006

  1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will co-host an international conference on Sustainable Growth in the Asia-Pacific Region with Kyoto University (Katsura Campus) on November 6 (Mon) and 7 (Tue).
  2. Participants in this conference will be those concerned from 15 Asia-Pacific economies (Japan, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, ROK, Chinese Taipei, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore), research institutes, governments and international organizations (IMF, World Bank, Asian Development Bank and the ASEAN Secretariat). At the opening ceremony, Mr. Masayoshi Hamada, Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, will give a keynote speech.
  3. To secure sustainable growth in the Asia-Pacific region, it is indispensable to grasp precisely and promptly an actual situation of the region, which is rapidly growing. The purpose of the conference is therefore to discuss how to build an information-sharing mechanism among major regional economies to make it possible to understand the actual situation quickly, correctly and conveniently. The conference is composed of two sections: public seminar and closed round table.

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