Announcement by the Press Secretary/Director-General for Press and Public Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the Visit to Japan by the Heads of State and Others of SICA (System of Central American Integration) Member and Associate Member Countries

August 10, 2005

  1. The Heads of State or representatives of the member and associate member countries of the System of Central American Integration (SICA) will visit Japan on August 17 (Wed) and stay until 20 (Sat). (The Head of State of El Salvador will arrive in Japan on August 16 and the Head of State of Costa Rica will stay till August 21 (Sun).)
  2. During their stay in Japan, the Heads of State or representatives will have Japan-Central America Summit Meeting to discuss a wide range of issues such as the strengthening of relations between Japan and Central American countries, and cooperation in the international arena. They will also attend the ceremony for "Central American Day (August 19)" to be held at the 2005 World Exposition, Aichi, Japan.
  3. Japan has been conducting the political consultations with the SICA countries (Japan-Central American Forum) every year since 1995. As this year is "Japan-Central America Year 2005," Japan has been carrying out various commemorative events.


The following Heads of State and representatives are scheduled to visit Japan for this occasion:

  • Nicaragua: Vice President José Rizo Castellon
  • Costa Rica: President Abel Pacheco de la Espriella
  • El Salvador: Vice President Ana Vilma Albanez de Escobar
  • Guatemala: President Ocar José Rafael Berger Perdomo
  • Honduras: President Ricardo Maduro Joest
  • Panama: Vice President Samuel Lewis Navarro
  • Dominican Republic: Vice President Rafael Francisco Alburquerque de Castro

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